​Tom Hanks Sends Polaroid Selfie to Toronto Fan

​Tom Hanks Sends Polaroid Selfie to Toronto Fan
A Toronto film fan just got an unexpected response in the mail from one of Hollywood's finest.
As the result of a bet with her friends over who could get a celebrity to send them a headshot first, Zena Gopal sent a letter and a photo of herself to Tom Hanks, requesting a selfie with the actor. Just three weeks later, she received a letter from Hanks, complete with a Polaroid selfie of him holding up Gopal's photo.
Hilariously, the letter finds Hanks apologizing for his beard, explaining that his "whiskers" are required for an upcoming role. He also made some small talk about Toronto, calling it a "damn fine town" and — in true Torontonian fashion — commenting on "all those condo towers down on the lake."
Hanks goes on to reveal that he does, in fact, still find himself humming tunes from That Thing You Do! — particularly "Dance with Me Tonight" and "Drive Faster."
The note ends with Hanks seeing the final developed Polaroid photo and deeming it "scary."
"It made me laugh, it really made my day," Gopal told CBC. "It was just really cool to see that he reads his fan mail. And I've got to agree with him about the condos."
See the photo for yourself up above, and read the letter in its entirety down below.