​Timothy Hutton Accused of Raping Canadian Model When She Was 14

​Timothy Hutton Accused of Raping Canadian Model When She Was 14
Oscar-winning actor Timothy Hutton has been accused of raping Canadian model and actress Sera Johnston when she was 14 years old.
Johnston (who now goes by the name Lauren) told  BuzzFeed that the alleged incident occurred in 1983 in Vancouver, while Hutton was in town filming Iceman. Johnston said she and two other friends were chatting with Hutton and his friends, and they were eventually invited back to his hotel room.
Johnston then said she became nervous once they arrived and were offered drinks. She claimed he slid up next to her and started touching her legs and kissing her neck.
Despite her protests, Johnston said Hutton took his clothes off and got on top of her, then penetrated her with his penis.
"It hurt like hell," Johnston told BuzzFeed. "I mean, it was very painful. God. Yeah, it was extremely painful. Horrible, horrible, absolutely horrible." 
According to the account, one of Hutton's friends was also in the room, and Johnson claimed at one point the friend put his penis in her mouth.
BuzzFeed News published Johnston's allegations after corroborating her story with another girl who was present at the time of the alleged attack. Johnston's mother and four other friends also went on record to say that Johnston has told them about the rape afterwards.
In a statement from Hutton's lawyer, the actor "completely and unequivocally denies" the allegations.
His legal team has attempted to discredit Johnston, pointing to the fact that she only came forward with the story in 2017, and at that time, she hired a lawyer to obtain a financial settlement rather than going to the police.
In 2017, Hutton did agree to pay a settlement of $135,000 USD (much less than Johnston's lawyer's proposed $1.5 million USD), but Johnston refused to agree to it because Hutton's terms included his denial of events.
Johnston did finally file a criminal complaint with the Vancouver Police Department last November and an investigation is ongoing.
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