Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes Admits the DC Comics Movies Could Be Better

Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes Admits the DC Comics Movies Could Be Better
If you listen to the critics, it's been a rough year at the movies for fans of the DC Comics universe. Following the bloated and confusing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans were forced to reckon with some mall-punk mayhem in its followup Suicide SquadAt an investors meeting in New York, Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes admitted that he sees a quality problem.

As The Hollywood Reporter explains, Bewkes acknowledged that the critics were ruthless with their DC films. "Every panel I think requires me to talk out of both sides of my mouth," he said. "This is part where I say, 'Pay no attention to the critics.' It's true: Critics didn't think it was good."

Then, he came as close as possible to admitting that the movies are steaming cinematic turds, saying, "We do think there is room for improvement."

Without dwelling on the bad for too long, Bewkes then pointed out that Suicide Squad has surpassed $700 million at the global box office. 

"Everyone see the papers yesterday?" he asked. "They're laughing at the critics. It's passing Iron Man and The Avengers. Let's remember that."

As THR added, Bewkes' box office comments are exaggerated. Captain America: Civil War has still dwarfed Suicide Squad with $1.15 billion in worldwide gross. The Iron Man movie he was likely referring to was Iron Man 2, which Suicide Squad recently surpassed.