Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection

He changed his sport forever. Before he's done, he may change all sport forever. And before he hits the age of 30, Eldrich "Tiger" Woods has been elevated to a stature that perhaps no other professional athlete has enjoyed during his playing career. Unlike Wayne Gretzky and Michael Jordan — who both participate in this worship-fest — Tiger Woods probably has his best years of golf ahead of him — after all, current world number one Vijay Singh only reached that pinnacle at the age of 41. Common wisdom says that golfers are at their best in their 30s. If you're not already fascinated by the world of Tiger Woods, this three-DVD slice of hagiography won't convince you, but the evidence of his special status in the world of sport is overwhelming: he first swung a golf club at 11 months. He won the world junior amateur three times (no one else ever has); he won the U.S. Amateur three times (no one else ever has); he's won more majors than anyone else playing and he's done it younger and faster than anyone ever. But more than that, Tiger Woods changed the face of golf for the world: he's an athlete amongst beer guts and gaudy pants; he's of mixed race (his father is African-American, his mother is Thai) in the whitest sport left on the planet; and his popularity has resulted in the largest increase in revenue any sport has seen prompted by a single athlete. Is all of this worth three DVDs of Tiger worship? Maybe — his is a pretty fascinating story. Part one follows his life to date: his parents' dedication, his early promise, his young focus and remarkable self-awareness. Part two chronicles his attack on the four major tournaments in golf: the Masters, U.S. Open, British Open and PGA Championship. Tiger has won them all in record fashion, and at 24 became the youngest ever to win all four in a career. (Something only a handful of golfers have ever done.) Part three is the most amorphous, chronicling his "impact" on the game; it's mostly anecdotal chitchat from admirers (what's Celine Dion doing here?) who marvel at his accomplishments. In practical terms, the DVD is rather like Tiger's "how to" book How I Play Golf. The answer is: much better than you ever will. So just stand there, gape-jawed, and marvel at the fact that we are witnessing history. It's Tiger's world. We just swing in it. And he's playing through. Plus: amateur chronology, photos, Tiger clinic, favourite shots, commercials, more. (Buena Vista)