This 'Stranger Things'/Simple Minds Mashup Is Next-Level Bad

This 'Stranger Things'/Simple Minds Mashup Is Next-Level Bad
Have you heard of this totally retro and cool little show called Stranger Things? Of course you have, because it's one of the trends that no one would shut up about in 2016. Everyone was getting in on it — hell, if you want clickable content, all you have to do is mash Stranger Things up with something else from pop culture.

Today, those blessed souls at TV Guide have decided to get in on the Stranger Things fun with a mashup of their own.

Since the whole show carries that "remember the good old days" vibe, they decided to mash it up with the John Hughes-adjacent nostalgia song "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from the Simple Minds.

Using jarring edits from the show, the characters of Stranger Things appear to, well, awkwardly blurt out words from the song while a tinny instrumental version of it plays in the background.

It's almost charmingly inept. Watch it below.