​This 'Stranger Things' and 'IT' Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind

​This 'Stranger Things' and 'IT' Fan Theory Will Blow Your Mind
A little show called Stranger Things returned to Netflix for its second season over the weekend, and super fans have wasted no time compiling all kinds of crazy fun facts and theories about the latest episodes. But one that stands out above the rest involves one of the show's newest characters — Bob.
Bob shows up in Season 2 as Joyce Byers' cringe-worthily nerdy love interest (whose last name is literally Newby), played by Sean Astin, but some fans think that he may have roots in another pop culture world.
A blackhole of Stranger Things Easter eggs, Twitter account @UpsideDownFacts has linked two of the biggest onscreen phenomenon of the year together through Bob. Yes, there's a theory that posits Bob from Stranger Things as one of Pennywise's victims in the realm of Stephen King's IT.
Picking up on the easy-to-miss tidbits that Bob's parents have a house in Maine (as revealed in the second episode Trick or Treat, Freak) and that he was terrorized by a clown as a kid (revealed in the third episode, The Pollywog), some incredibly diligent viewers have pointed out the possibility that Bob could have existed in King's fictional world.
Hey, it's more believable than the idea that Steve Harrington is the father of Jean Ralphio from the also-set-in-Indiana Parks and Rec.
If nothing else, it's definitely a nod by the Duffer Brothers to the horror classic, which has seen a huge resurgence this year thanks to Andy Muschietti's remake.
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