This Is What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in September

This Is What's Streaming on Netflix Canada in September
Your Netflix Canada account may have just gone up in price, but it looks like the massive streaming service is spending your hard earned cash on plenty of exclusives. This September looks to be one of the most packed months yet for original Netflix content.

In the post-Pablo world, Narcos will take on a new batch of drug lords with its third season, set to launch on September 1. Fans of a talking horse and his ongoing existential crisis will be glad to learn that BoJack Horseman is set to launch its fourth season on September 8. 

Other returning series include Fuller House (September 22), Terrace House: Aloha State (September 26), Club de Cuercos (September 29) and Real Rob (September 29).

There are plenty of brand new shows exclusively hitting Netflix for the first time, including the videogame-themed Japanese drama Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light (September 1), The Confession Tapes (September 8), American Vandal (September 15), Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father (September 22), Big Mouth (September 29) and Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip (September 29).

Netflix has also got plenty of original movies in the works, including Little Evil (September 1), #Realityhigh (September 8), First They Killed My Father (September 15), 6 Days (September 22), Gerald's Game (September 29) and Our Souls at Night (September 29). 

The company has also got comedy specials in the works from Marc Maron (September 5), Fabrizio Copano (September 8), Joaquín Reyes (September 8), Jeff Dunham (September 12) and some no-name newcomer called Jerry Seinfeld (September 19).

Netflix wouldn't be Netflix without a ton of docs, so they've lined up documentaries including Resurface (September 1), Season 1 of Fire Chasers (September 8), Strong Island (September 15) and Season 1 of Time: The Kalief Browder Story (September 15).

The non-exclusives hitting Netflix this month include Assassin's Creed (September 1), Black Sea (September 1), Hidden Figures (September 1), Silence (September 1), Why Him? (September 1), Disney's Beauty and the Beast (September 19), Hotel Transylvania 2 (September 27), The Expendables 3 (September 28) and Southpaw (September 30), as well as Season 8 of Archer (September 1), Season 7 of The Walking Dead (September 8), Season 5 of Nashville (September 10), Season 1 of This Is Us (September 20), Season 2 of Scream Queens (September 20) and Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy.

In order to make some room on their servers (and in your brain) for all that new content, Netflix must say bye-bye to some titles. As such, you've got until September 1 to watch Atlantis: The Lost Empire, the first four seasons of Community and The Book of Negroes. Then the service will delete 21 on September 10, Interstellar on September 11, The Purge: Anarchy on September 13, Homeward Bound 2 on September 15, the first four seasons of The Boondocks on September 19 and Hot Tub Time Machine 2 on September 30.