​There's a 'Stranger Things' Candle That Bleeds Just Like Eleven's Nose

​There's a 'Stranger Things' Candle That Bleeds Just Like Eleven's Nose
Netflix's smash hit Stranger Things returned with its second season last week, and with the new episodes comes a flood of new ridiculous branded merchandise.
In addition to the ever-popular TV show soundtrack, super geeks can also throw their money at everything from shirts to Funko vinyl figures to Demagorgon pencil toppers — but one piece of new merch caught our eye for being particularly creepy.
There's a ceramic candleholder in the shape of Eleven's face, and if that's not spooky enough for you, her nose actually drips blood as the candle burns.
The product listing on Firebox notes that it's "possibly the strangest thing we've ever created," and warns that it "may possess psychokinetic abilities.

Neat freaks will be pleased to know, though, that it also comes with a nose-picking tool to "remove blockages." Gross.
Check out full details on the creepy candleholder over here.