There Are Currently Six Robin Hood Movies in the Works

There Are Currently Six Robin Hood Movies in the Works
Film and television execs are taking a break from Star Wars, superheroes and a seemingly constant barrage of Sherlock Holmes material to revisit a different fabled character in Robin Hood. And since they can't just offer up one classy revamp, there are actually six competing Robin Hood stories in the works.

The Dissolve has kindly detailed all six properties in the works, and they all sound exactly like they were scribbled on restaurant napkins by Hollywood execs.

Robin Hood: Origins, on the way from Lionsgate, is said to be a gritty take on the tale, while Disney has got the family's covered with their Nottingham & Hood, which they liken to Pirates of the Caribbean.

If you've ever wondered what a Fast and Furious-influenced Robin Hood take would look like, Sony has you covered with Hood. After a "vibrant pop punk retelling?" That's how The Dissolve described Brandon Slagle's Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon. Then there's Robin Hood 2058, a futuristic Robin Hood from American Sniper screenwriter Jason Hall.

Since five Robin Hood movies clearly isn't quite enough, Warner Bros. have also thrown their hats into the ring with a new movie written by Gangster Squad's Will Beall and produced by The Lego Movie's Dan Lin. Despite Lin's involvement, the film won't be a Lego movie. But it will most certainly be another Robin Hood movie.

If any good can possibly come from this, it's that Robin Hood mania will convince Mel Brooks to make a sequel to Robin Hood: Men in Tights, the best Robin Hood movie of them all.