Ontario Government to Investigate Trailer Park Boys Whisky over "Dangerous" Ads

Ontario Government to Investigate Trailer Park Boys Whisky over 'Dangerous' Ads
A Trailer Park Boys-inspired brand of whisky is set to go on sale in Ontario this week, but the provincial government is now set to look into drink advertising that Premier Kathleen Wynne has dubbed "dangerous."

Made by Rock Spirits, Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whisky is set to launch in the province this Thursday (October 6) and features a number of tongue-in-cheek drink recipes on related social media channels and its official website.

One called "Propane Propane" calls for the whisky only, reading, "Some days you're going to wake up and start drinking before 10AM...pour a few shots of Liquormen's into a glass and go from there." Another called "The Sunnyvale" calls for a chilled glass of Liquormen's to be enjoyed while playing "hash hockey" with a friend.

While fans of the popular television series have been able to pick out the references to the show without fail, Premier Wynne says the recipes aren't "particularly savoury" to her and "dangerous in a lot of ways." The Toronto Star reports that Wynne told a news conference yesterday (October 3) that the government "will look into it."

Deputy Premier Deb Matthews added, "The paramount issue is social responsibility. We have to be really careful when we advertise liquor . . . we're asking them [LCBO] to take another look at it... The marketing materials in question were created by the manufacturer of the product. It is not LCBO advertising."

Liquormen's Ol' Dirty Canadian Whisky is currently available in Manitoba, Alberta, New Brunswick and the show's native province of Nova Scotia. A Toronto launch event is set to take place on Thursday, with actors Rob Wells and Mike Smith portraying their Ricky and Bubbles characters, respectively.

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