The Final Season of '13 Reasons Why' Has a Release Date

Netflix's new behind-the-scenes table read video teases the final chapter of the series
The Final Season of '13 Reasons Why' Has a Release Date
After renewing the controversial teen drama series 13 Reasons Why last summer, Netflix has offered a release date for the fourth and final season.

The platform announced the series's return in a new behind-the-scenes table read video, which sees the show's key players getting weepy while a Lord Huron track plays softly in the background. In the video, Netflix reveals Season 4's premiere date: June 5.

"With graduation on the horizon, Clay and his friends struggle to stay one step ahead as secrets from their past threaten their future," reads a season synopsis. The final season will run for 10 episodes at 60 minutes each. 

The table read sees the return of Dylan Minnette, Alisha Boe, Brandon Flynn, Christian Navarro and Devin Druid, among others.

Since its early beginnings, the show has attracted negative attention surrounding its depiction of teen suicide, sexual assault and rape. A study found that there was an increase in youth suicide following the release of Season 1, though a direct link between the TV show and the suicide rate was not proven and other factors could not be ruled out. Around the time the show premiered, meanwhile, Australian mental health organizations claimed that there was a spike in calls to suicide hotlines

Watch the clip for Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why below.