The Creators and Cast of 'Westworld' Just Rickrolled Us All

The Creators and Cast of 'Westworld' Just Rickrolled Us All
Yesterday (April 9), Westworld co-creator Jonathan Nolan revealed an unorthodox plan as the show heads into Season 2 — in order for fans to shield themselves from unwanted spoilers, Nolan said he was going to release a video that spoiled the entire season before it came out. If it sounded too wild to be true, that's because it was — the whole thing has proven to be an elaborate prank.

Today, the so-called spoiler video has emerged online, and it's really just a 25-minute Rickroll. (If it's your first day on the internet, you can read about Rickrolling here.)

The clip opens believably enough, with Jeffrey Morgan's character Bernard trying to understand how he arrived on a desolate beach. Then it cuts to Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), who sings a dramatic piano cover of the Rick Astley hit. Yes, they've also managed to poke fun at their self-serious covers of pop tunes.

From there, the video features an additional 22 minutes of a dog sitting in front of a piano. The whole thing is hilarious and dumb as hell, and you can watch it below.

We'll find out if the piano dog is a recurring character when Westworld returns on April 22.