The Academy Explains How It Will Avoid Fucking Up the Oscars in 2018

The Academy Explains How It Will Avoid Fucking Up the Oscars in 2018
This year's Academy Awards will undoubtedly go down in history, but for all the wrong reasons. The show was plagued with multiple problems, most glaringly when the Best Picture Oscar was mistakenly handed to La La Land instead of Moonlight. Now, the Academy has detailed how it plans to avoid future fuck-ups.

As Variety reports, the Academy's Board of Governors have laid out some plans to avoid any other envelope-related mishaps at next year's event.

Somewhat surprisingly, they've opted not to fire PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accounting firm that took responsibility for the flub. Instead, they're adding a third accountant from the organization.

While two accountants have always been responsible for tabulating votes and handing out the envelopes, a third will be stationed in the control room. That accountant will know the results in advance so that they can speak up if any more shenanigans take place.

Brian Cullinan and Martha Ruiz, the two accountants in charge of this year's envelopes, will not be returning. Cullinan had been hitting up social media on his smartphone minutes before handing the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty. Further, as a result of Cullinan's flub, all electronic devices will be banned backstage. 

It sounds like they've figured out how to avoid any more envelope mistakes, though none of these steps will prevent a living person from being featured in the In Memoriam segment.