That's My Bush!: The Definitive Collection

It’s a wonder as to why a comedy show based on the Bush administration from the creators of South Park didn’t receive more attention or last longer on air, but maybe the idea of poking fun of the current U.S. president every week didn’t sit well with some Americans. Or maybe it was the fact that, sadly, the show really wasn’t that funny. That’s My Bush! is done in cornball Growing Pains or Full House sit-com style with a laboured laugh track and eye-rolling one-liners. That idea in itself is funny but this is pretty much the only joke that you’ll fall for as the rest of the series is the equivalent of watching one of the bad sit-coms they’re mimicking. That’s not to say all of the series is lame because as the show marches on to its later episodes, on the brink of cancellation, the jokes get stronger. The best episode is actually the series finale where Matt Stone and Trey Parker knew the show wasn’t going to return and decided to impeach Bush, who then has to move to the projects like The Jeffersons, starting a series of spin-offs for each job George tries his hand at. The only feature on the DVD is commentary on each episode from Matt and Trey, who manage to cover a lot of the bases as to what they were trying to achieve, and listening to them talk about a project they cared a lot about makes you warm up to the series. During the final commentary, the pair reflect on how much fun it was to do a live-action show but admit it would have been impossible to continue given the fact they’re used to writing South Park the week it airs. They should be thankful That’s My Bush! acts as a miniseries because there’s absolutely no way this hit-and-miss idea could have lasted longer than the eight episodes on this collection. (Paramount)