'Terrace House: Tokyo' Halts Production Due to COVID-19

'Terrace House: Tokyo' Halts Production Due to COVID-19
Hanna Kimura pictured second from left
Even though it's arguably the world's most relaxing reality show — and it's basically just a bunch of people self-quarantining together — the producers of Terrace House could not withstand the coronavirus pandemic. As such, the current season of Terrace House: Tokyo has now been suspended indefinitely.

"We are suspending production of Terrace House Tokyo 2019-2020, giving top priority to the health and safety of our cast and staff," the show tweeted from its official account. Japan has been slower than other countries to announce a national emergency in response to the virus's spread. While deaths in North America skyrocket, Japan has only reported 143 deaths and 7,660 confirmed infections. However, Tokyo has recently seen its cases surge, with the capital seeing 2,319 confirmed cases as of Tuesday (April 14).

Still, the decision to suspend the show was inevitable in this day and age. Like everything else, it's unclear when Terrace House will return.

Glaswegian indie-pop trio Chvrches perform the theme song for the Japanese iteration of the show (it's a different theme song on North American Netflix). They recently swung by the house to perform the tune, which you can revisit below.