​Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother' Just Started a Religious Band with Ben Lee

Their producer calls them "singer-psalmwriters"
​Ted from 'How I Met Your Mother' Just Started a Religious Band with Ben Lee
Most folks know Josh Radnor from his role as the goofy (but apparently lovable) loser Ted Mosby on How I Met Your Mother, but now that the long-running sitcom is off the air, he's turned his attention to a different creative project.
That's right, Radnor's breaking into the music scene, and he's enlisted a singing-songwriting vet to join him. Ben Lee will serve as Radnor's musical other half in their band, which is simply going by the name Radnor & Lee.
Since his punk beginnings in Noise Addict, the Jewish-born, Hindu-practising Lee has taken a decidedly spiritual turn in his music in recent years, delivering Freedom, Love & the Recuperation of the Human Mind in 2016, then putting out a self-explanatory album called Ben Lee Sings Songs about Islam for the Whole Family earlier this year.
Now, Lee and Radnor have bonded over their shared interests in spirituality and philosophy, and the songs they've written together earned them the title of "singer-psalmwriters" from producer Ryan Dilmore (according to a press release, a friend of the band attended the pair's first live show and described the music as "the intersection of pop and prayer"). Clearly an instant convert, Dilmore produced the duo's upcoming debut album, which is slated to land later this year.
For now, Radnor & Lee have unleashed their meditative debut single "Be Like the Being." It's exactly as hokey as you'd expect, hearing the pair waxing spiritual and wondering how it would feel to "free myself."