Ted Berman, Richard Rich and Art Stevens The Fox and the Hound: 25th Anniversary

Amongst all of Disney’s new school films, The Fox and the Hound — to these watery eyes and softened heart — is the most precious. It’s difficult to keep the sentimental attachments aside, considering Disney’s 24th animated feature was the first motion picture this reviewer ever saw. But revisiting this underrated classic only confirms everything I’ve believed for 25 years. The tale of a forbidden friendship is more relevant today than ever before. A young fox named Tod (voiced by Keith Coogan and Mickey "the Mickster” Rooney) befriends a young puppy named Copper (voiced by Corey Feldman and Kurt Russell), despite the fact that the bloodhound comes from the household of a fox hunting grump, the neighbour of the elder Widow Tweed, Tod’s caregiver. Knowing their friendship is prohibited, the pair tries their best but as puberty hits the friends separate. Of course, they reunite as adults but at the most inopportune time, leading their relationship to the ultimate test, which includes a nasty grizzly bear and a steep cliff. The ending still unlocks the floodgates for me but not for the reason you might assume. Confronting racial prejudice, bigotry and stereotypes, The Fox and the Hound has many redeeming qualities, with an assortment of lovable characters to drive the message home. This new anniversary edition contains only a short "making of” featurette called "Passing the Baton.” Though it does offer some insight into the film’s production, like the fact that it ushered in the next generation of Disney animators, and clips of Pearl Bailey voicing "Mama,” it feels a little brief. Two enjoyable animated shorts, however, are included, as well as some games and activities, and a karaoke sing-along for "The Best of Friends.” (Disney)