'Stranger Things' Will Officially Return to Netflix for Season 3

'Stranger Things' Will Officially Return to Netflix for Season 3
Despite most of the kids from Stranger Things being well on their way to full-time rock star status with bands like Calpurnia, Work in Progress and Post Animal (and that ridiculous Motown cover group with James Corden), the young stars of the show will be returning to your Netflix screen soon. Yes, Stranger Things has been officially confirmed for a third season.
After teasing Twitter followers with a poll questioning whether or not they should make another season, Netflix announced this morning (December 1) that — "FOR THE LOVE OF STEVE, DUH!" — Season 3 is officially on the way.
Fans who have already binged their way through the second season will remember that the town of Hawkins, IN, was left with a dark, mysterious threat looming over the middle school dance — insinuating that Eleven, Will Byers, Chief Jim Hopper and co. will have plenty more dark forces to battle against when the series returns.
Unfortunately, the news of Season 3 also means we might be subjected to another rapped season recap before new episodes hit the streaming service.
There's no official word yet as to when we can expect the next season of Stranger Things (or if it will once again arrive with an aftershow), but as with the show itself, suspense is all part of the fun.