Straight 8

Straight 8
Straight 8 is an experimental filmmaking challenge wherein people are invited to make short films using a single cartridge of super 8 without editing. It's slightly more interesting in concept than it is effective, much like the Toronto "On the Fly" challenge.

Everything But is a moderately thoughtful short that takes an animated look at the journey of a cigarette, from inception to manifestation, making a comment on industry in the process, while Time Remains goes the whole tragic love route with a couple burdened with illness.

Eli is actually a very intriguing and informative documentary short about a woman with limited mobility that has a touching relationship with a very remarkable golden retriever. It would be interesting to learn more about the training process and the actual duties the dog performs, such as opening and closing doors, helping his owner get dressed and so on.

The next short is a mildly perverted music video called Sticks & Balls, wherein a man putts a gulf ball into a woman's vaginal region. Apparently, golf is a lot like sex because it's done outdoors. It's far more entertaining than Between Two Islands, which goes the whole NYC hagiography route, similarly proving more engaging than the very student-y The Getaway, which is basically a film made with Bristol board and markers.

The Kiss, on the other hand, is moderately clever, detailing the thought process of two people making out for the first time. This cleverness has to last through Holy Smoke, where an avid reader goes blind and makes a good face, and Sacre Bleu, which attempts to make a spy story about British wine agents in France. Neither film really works.

Stiffy is at least perverted, featuring a hospital orderly getting inappropriate with a corpse, while The Tell is mildly amusing, cheaply detailing the various tells people have at a poker table.

There's also a short about a sugar daddy and trophy wife called Man + Wife that proves adequate, as well as a film that proves somewhat titillating, The Surrealist Brothel, which is about, you know, a surrealist brothel.