Steve-O Vol. III: Out On Bail

It may sound like a glaring contradiction to say that the Steve-O series lacks the intelligence and sophistication of Jackass, but it's sadly true. Unlike Jackass, which sets up amusing situations or constructs elaborate, but funny, means of torturing its cast of miscreants, Steve-O is bereft of any structure whatsoever, being just him and most of the cast from Jackass (Wee Man, Ryan Dunn, Preston Lacy, and Bam Margera) getting drunk, being stupid, getting drunk, causing shit, getting drunk and hurting each other. Context is everything. Drop a pool ball onto someone's cup-wearing nuts as the pay-off to an amusing situation: funny. Punch them in the face for no reason: not funny. Considering Jackass built its rep on stupidity and self-abuse, intelligence and sophistication aren't usually ascribed to it. But Out On Bail also fails in another vital area: it's not really funny. It is however, filthy, stupid, disturbing and, too rarely, entertaining. Watch in disgusted fascination as Steve-O roots around in his shit for the pot-filled condom(s) he's smuggling; marvel as Steve-O staples his nut-sack to his leg. Revel in the cast's ability to punch each other in the face, or choke Steve-O into unconsciousness numerous times in a row. The bonus features aren't much better, featuring assorted hotel trashing and a "making of," although the Ryan Simonetti skateboarding extras are pretty awesome. Better yet is the bonus PCP Saved My Life disc, which follows Steve-O on a five-day "religious experience" after, as the title implies, he smokes PCP. Steve-O is utterly out of his mind and it's oddly fascinating to watch his insane ramblings, confessions and faecal matter-flinging. Still, without Knoxville to guide him, it's just kind of pointless. Plus: deleted scenes. (Steveovideo/Red)