Stan Lee's Business Associate Allegedly Stole His Blood

It came via a plan to sell pens with blood instead of ink
Stan Lee's Business Associate Allegedly Stole His Blood
Stan Lee photo courtesy of Gage Skidmore
While most rich people tend to worry about their associates pilfering money from them, Stan Lee has presented a new problem. What if those close to you steal your blood?

In a move that sounds ripped straight from a Marvel caper, Lee alleges that an associate used a forged document to obtain several vials of Lee's blood back in October. The nurse took so much blood that Lee was reportedly dizzy.

As if that weren't enough, the unnamed businessman was allegedly planning to put the blood in pens that he was planning to sell for a pretty penny.

In addition to swiping Lee's blood, the former business associate was also accused of stealing $300,000 USD, as well as buying an $850,000 condo on Lee's dime.

According to TMZ, Lee's associates caught a whiff of this diabolical blood plot and filed both a lawsuit and a police report.