South Park: The Complete Seventh Season

Long since overcoming the initial backlash from uptight parents back when Cartman first opened his mouth, Matt Stone and Trey Parker completely run away with their amazing show in its seventh season. After getting away with just about everything under the sun in past seasons, there was seemingly nothing South Park couldn’t mock (well, until they picked on Tom Cruise), but after somehow managing to say the word "shit” 162 times in an half-hour episode it was time to use their "free speech” in more constructive ways. South Park has always had an opinion when it comes to politics, but season seven began tackling current events in almost every single episode. Sometimes it’s on a larger scale, like the town’s indifference to the war in Iraq or the entire insanity of the Mormon religion, and other times it’s smaller things like being sick of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in an incredible episode in which Cartman basically gives Affleck a hand job. And as always, we end on a Christmas episode, but the great thing about the Wizard of Oz-themed "It’s Christmas in Canada” is that it was created mere days before Saddam Hussein was captured, thus giving Matt and Trey prime opportunity to incorporate his presence at the very last minute. In the mini-commentaries, the two joke about how they claim that the season at hand is their favourite, but you can’t blame them because this is an almost flawless collection of episodes that also manage to squeeze in a walking taco that shits ice cream. Like past South Park DVDs, this one only contains short ten-minute commentaries from Matt and Trey, but they’re always entertaining and we get to find out that Casa Bonita really does exist and discover the reasoning behind making Rob Reiner an out-of-control food bag. It doesn’t take much at all for South Park to deem you material fit for parody, so be warned because they won’t make it pretty — just check out the "Stupid Spoiled Whore” clip of Paris Hilton promoting season eight. (Paramount)