South Park: The Complete Ninth Season

With the series entering season 11 on television, the DVD version of South Park is now only a couple of years behind, which means the episodes are still incredibly fresh. It seems like only yesterday when Mr. Garrison had a sex change operation but you already get to relive the moment as Matt Stone and Trey Parker reminisce about being told to edit down the real-life stock footage of the procedure. With the only extras on South Park releases being the mini-commentaries from the creators, it’s the only reward when revisiting episodes, apart from having a quality show to put on your shelf. But with two storylines that had the pair in hot water for the first time in ages, even after saying the word "shit” 162 times in one episode with no one blinking an eye, you would think there’d be some interesting angles. But after discussing "Trapped In the Closet” and "Bloody Mary” numerous times elsewhere they didn’t feel like talking about the fuss anymore, opting to talk about how incredible R. Kelly really is. They did note that "Trapped” originally had aired with no backlash but after "Bloody Mary” was pulled from syndication certain groups realised they could have episodes pulled if they kicked up enough fuss. Season nine is yet another incredible chapter in the South Park series, featuring such absurdity as Cartman forming a massive army of ginger kids and Randy Marsh’s numerous encounters with alcoholism. South Park continues to increase in creativity and absurdity, and manages to create 20-minute epics each time. (Paramount)