Sleeping Dogs Lie Bobcat Goldthwait

Based on the premise that a girl should never, ever tell her guy that she gave her dog a blow-job one night in college, Sleeping Dogs Lie attempts to dispel the myth that loving couples should share absolutely everything with each other, including their darkest secrets.

The third feature film from loudmouth comedian Bobcat Goldthwait tells the story of Amy, a nice, seemingly normal (despite flirtations with bestiality) girl who learns that honesty may not always be the best policy. Amy and John are in love. He’s met her parents, he’s asked her to marry him and things are going great until she reveals, upon his urgings, her dirty little secret.

Despite probably being the only film with an opening scene depicting (or at least implying) canine fellatio, Goldthwait’s script cannot help but rely on stale romantic comedy conventions to tell its story. Our heroine finds love in the most unexpected and yet wholly predictable place, the guy she loses serendipitously turns out to be an asshole anyway and there are a couple of kooky characters whom we are meant to find endearing.

Although Goldthwait’s not aiming for a compassionate or analytic study of his lead character’s motivations, he was intending for comedic results. If you like raunch humour and pretty girls with potty mouths, then his film is successful. If you prefer comedy with a little more bite and a little less splooge, pass on this one.

(Alliance Atlantis)