Sigourney Weaver's 'Alien' Reeboks Are Coming Back

Sigourney Weaver's 'Alien' Reeboks Are Coming Back
There's already Back to the Future day and the Star Wars-themed May the 4th, and now Ridley Scott's classic Alien will be getting a day of its own. Named for the planet LV-426, Alien will be celebrated on April 26. And to start things off, Reebok have announced plans to reissue the classic Aliens sneakers.

As The Hollywood Reporter revealed, the shoe company has plans to bring back its Reebok Alien Stompers in both a high-top and mid-top iteration.

The shoes were designed specifically for wear in James Cameron's Aliens, and had an extremely limited release in the '80s.

Fortunately, they'll be back again on April 26. The shoes will be available on the official Reebok site, as well as a handful of real-life retailers.

In addition to the shoes, some theatres will show a double feature of Alien and Aliens on April 26. There will also be a new audio play called Alien: Out of the Shadows which will star Rutger Hauer and arrive via Amazon's Audible service.