Sex and the City 2 Michael Patrick King

Sex and the City 2 Michael Patrick King
The ladies of the popular television series are back for this sequel, which takes place two years after the first movie ended. They're knee-high-boot-deep in the same problems as usual: marriage, parenthood, career and sex. And is there a better way to solve your problems than to run away to Abu Dhabi?

The movie establishes the quartet as restless and confused. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) is addressed with the surname Preston, has a hard time convincing strangers she doesn't want a baby and lashes out at husband Big (Chris Noth) by acting like the most selfish housewife in Manhattan. Charlotte (Kristin Davis) can't handle her terrible-two-year-old daughter and fears for her marriage after realizing her nanny doesn't wear a bra. Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) quits her job following being treated like feminist dirt from her boss, but while she likes seeing her son win prizes at school, she craves her career. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) is staving off menopause with dozens of pills a day and thus has been able to keep up the sexual stamina of her younger self.

When Samantha accompanies ex-boyfriend Smith Jerrod to his movie premiere, she meets Sheik Khalid. He wants her to represent his hotel in Abu Dhabi, so he offers the foursome an all-expenses paid trip. Somehow, on the first-class plane ride there, all of their selfishness is washed away from the women and they arrive in the Middle East constantly asking why they deserve to be treated so well. And then the rest of the movie just highlights all of the fancy things they're adorned with until it's messed up.

Sex and the City 2 is definitely not on the same level as its predecessor or the television series. It's borderline culturally offensive, making comments about how women are covered up and how people cannot engage in sexual activities in public, making for some uncomfortable moments. They couldn't even film in Abu Dhabi because of it, instead choosing Morocco.

The entire film feels choppy and stale. That's not to say the movie isn't funny ― there are times where snorts are allowed ― but often it will be at one-liners or the fact that Liza Minnelli does the "Single Ladies" dance. (Alliance)