Sean Astin Still Insists a 'Goonies' Sequel Is Happening

Sean Astin Still Insists a 'Goonies' Sequel Is Happening
With most sequels, reboots and remakes of classic movies, we find ourselves hoping they fail if only so studios will take chances on original scripts again. When it comes to The Goonies, however, we can't help but root for a sequel. Mainly because Sean Astin has spent so many years convincing himself that there's still hope for one. 

Astin has been adamant about a Goonies sequel since 2004, despite constant claims from his costars that they're not interested in the project. Once again, in a new interview with Tulsa World [via NME], he had plenty more to say about the definite, swear-on-his-grave happening sequel.

"I have said and will always say, that it's not a question of if, but rather of when the sequel gets made," he told the publication. "The precise makeup of it, I have no idea. Whether I will be in it, no idea. Whether they would even want the original cast in it, no idea."

He added that the story could appear in a number of different ways. "Goonies is pret-a-porter for a sequel, man. It is ready to wear. I thought it would be a great animated series, then you could do all kinds of stuff, unencumbered from budget issues and that stuff. But people want it. People want to see it."

The thing about Sean Astin is that he easily falls victim to hyperbole. Seeing The Goonies listed in his Apple TV, for example, had him welling up with pride. "That kind of grassroots, kitsch, culty kind of vibe makes total sense," he said of the film's frequent public screenings. "But the fact that Apple TV, which is mainstream commerce in the moment, the fact that they put Goonies as one of the top picks, means it has solidified its place in the pantheon of popular films."

Stay tuned for more information on the definitely real, absolutely happening, possibly-just-a-pipe-dream movie. We sincerely hope it's greenlit soon so Sean Astin can chill out a little bit.