Sean Astin and Paul Reiser Are Coming to 'Stranger Things'

Sean Astin and Paul Reiser Are Coming to 'Stranger Things'
The only thing that people refuse to shut up about more than the American election is the Netflix nostalgia fest Stranger Things. As the show approaches its second season, more cast members have signed on.

In addition to its star-making turns for a bunch of child actors, Stranger Things also marked a pop cultural return for Winona Ryder. Now, some other veteran actors are hoping for a similar spike in popularity with a turn on the show.

Sean Astin (of Goonies and the Lord of the Rings franchise) and Paul Reiser (of Aliens and the sitcom Mad About You) have both signed on for roles in the show's second season.

EW reports that Astin will play a "kindhearted former nerd" while Reiser will play a "high-ranking member within the Department of Energy on a 'clean-up' assignment."

Further, relatively new Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen will play "an emotionally damaged, magnetic young woman who suffered a great loss as a child."

Season 2 of Stranger Things will arrive in 2017.