Scene Not Herd: Music Videos

Scene Not Herd: Music Videos
In recent times, there has been a dearth of popular music videos. Despite the open availability of music videos via popular internet archives like YouTube, there has been relatively little focus on the music video as both an art form and a viable marketing option.

The sixth instalment of the Scene Not Herd music video collection showcases a variety of eye candy that will satisfy those who have been seeking the next big talent in a post-MTV music video world. Most of the videos feature animation collages, with a heavy emphasis on hip-hop and dance-based tracks.

Thunderheist's coyly bawdy clip for "Jerk It" exemplifies this early on with a pulsing dance beat and silky female raps slowly seducing the viewer with the aide of a chicken being choked, literally, and by an icy, stylish beauty at that. The tension peaks with Blamma! Blamma!'s track "Collide Sparks," with the classic can't fail concept of stuff getting smashed in slow motion.

Several tracks from NASA's album of slick indie hip-hop beats and severe vocal mash-ups are featured, so even if one fails to catch names familiar voices like Public Enemy's Chuck D and the Pharcyde's Fatlip still come through. The music is especially arresting with the images — not only are the music video masters lurking in this selection but also some of the most invigorating pop tracks associated with the format in years.

The age of the musical star is over, with most of the clips primarily featuring animation — when band members are present, they are frequently obscured or distorted. This is best exemplified in Knowmore Productions' psychedelic clip for Animal Collective's "My Girls," which bolds the ostensibly "rock" band's intriguing live setup of synths and sequencers while obscuring their images, aside from the cheerfully animated singing mouths, and sound manipulator Geologist's namesake headband.