The Rocky Horror Picture Show / Shock Treatment Jim Sharman

There’s nothing quite like it. From the outrageously unrestrained movie to its ridiculous and frightening hardcore following, and all of the wacky traditions of watching the film, Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show, in its own bizarre way, is a cinematic masterpiece. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the gender bending, sci-fi, erotic, rock’n’roll fantasy leaves a pungent taste in the mouth. The absurd script, characters, wardrobe and, of course, that amazing soundtrack deserve the utmost respect when it comes to a DVD treatment, and this double pack more than delivers. With one of the finest interactive menus yet, those fabulous lips guide you through a time-warped trip just in selecting what version of the film you want: U.S. or UK? Furthermore, there are different presentations available, including watching a live audience react to the feature, acting out the parts and throwing their toast. Otherwise, you can use a prompter and join the festivities in the comfort of your own home. It’s unbelievable. On the flipside, and beyond comprehension is O’Brien’s clandestine Shock Treatment, an equally as barmy sequel that for good reason was swept under the rug. Loosely picking up where RHPS left off, it places Janet and Brad (now Jessica Harper and Cliff De Young) in a fucked up world where TV is the drug of the nation and the evil genius behind it all wants Janet to be the star — without Brad. Needless to say, nothing really works, with the exception of how brilliantly crackers it all looks. Lacking any lovable characters though is its biggest downfall and the acting switch for the newlywed couple is damning. "A Shockumentary" helps explain the purpose of the film but not convincingly. A silly aborted idea where everyone comes back to life and Janet gives birth to Frankenfurter’s child is told, but to me that sounds much more interesting than this film’s bottomless plot. Plus: commentaries, featurettes, trailers. (Fox)