'Riverdale' Star Cole Sprouse Gets into Nasty Clash with Vancouver Busker

And the incident was all caught on video
'Riverdale' Star Cole Sprouse Gets into Nasty Clash with Vancouver Busker
Once again, CW's hit series Riverdale is filming in and around Vancouver. And while much of the city is no doubt stoked to have Archie and the gang back in town, the same can't be of one local busker who had a nasty clash with Jughead actor Cole Sprouse.

While the series was busy filming its second season in Vancouver this week, Sprouse got into a heated argument with local busker Babe Coal. The show was attempting to film outside the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson Street when Sprouse approached Coal and asked her to turn down the volume so they could continue filming.

"We're begging you. Our production in there, we can't film anything," Sprouse tells the busker in some fan-captured footage.

But when Coal refuses to stop playing and asked for money to leave the spot, things get even uglier. "I know you're asking for compensation," Sprouse responds. "We're asking for simply an hour to finish this."

When Coal doubles-down on her demand for compensation, Sprouse tells a growing crowd of onlookers, "Just in case you don't know how this works, this is one of the secrets of film production. We give a location to the city and then some scam artists come out and..."

And it's here where Coal interrupts him and states, "Excuse me? Excuse me, I'm going to interrupt you. I play here regularly, every day. I play here every day. So you guys came into where I perform. You can't call me a scam artist. What you are is cheap."

Sprouse eventually just turns and begins to walk away, saying, "I asked you to stop… for an hour."

You can watch it all play out below.

Eventually police were called to the scene, but no arrests were made. Riverdale was unable to finish filming its scene, however.

Another fan-captured video later shows Sprouse supposedly breaking one of Coal's CDs, though it appears that it was a request from a fan and not his own idea. You can watch that clip below. As CTV reports, Coal's real name is Megan Regehr, who has reportedly had multiple citations for illegally busking in Vancouver, where you need a licence. However, a licence is not required to busk outside the art gallery, where Riverdale was shooting.

The incident has led to a ton of attention towards Babe Coal — not all of which has been positive. As such, she's been tweeting up a storm ever since. Below you can read a few of her highlights.