Repo Man: Collector's Edition Alex Cox

Repo Man is a cult classic for many reasons, but the main reason it's one of the coolest films ever is plain and simple: Harry Dean Stanton. Though not his most memorable role (Paris, Texas' Travis stands out most), as Bud the cool yet unpredictable and cocked when necessary repo man, he ignites the adventure when he slyly tricks Otto (Emilio Estevez) into joining the repossession trade, and from there unleashes a wave of weird, unexplainable events. Essentially a satirical punk rock sci-fi/comedy/action flick pointing a big middle finger to the oppressive Reagan administration, Repo Man is as unexplainable as it is enjoyable — and it's pretty fucking out there. A blur of mohawked mischief, "seizing" cars, government cover-ups and a mysterious old Malibu with a neutron radiation problem that causes human combustion, the film keeps revving the gas up until the last frame sees the glowing car fly into hyperspace. This collector's edition though is all about the extras, which are copious and significant enough to warrant a DVD release of their own. A featurette called "Up Close with Harry Dean Stanton" is the high point, visiting with the American cinematic institution (who comes off like a real lovable asshole) and giving him ample time to sound off with his short temper about his modest career, war and sing an impromptu version of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Seriously. A conversation between Cox and the producers reveals some secrets about the film, including the 14 possible endings they had readied, including the complete nuking of L.A. The plentiful deleted scenes are given an interesting spin as Cox visits Sam Cohen, the creator of the neutron bomb (who is portrayed in the film). The best bits include Stanton whacking the shit out of a telephone with an axe and a risqué scene involving cunnilingus, which was cut to avoid an X rating. The commentary by Cox and producer Mike "Monkee" Nesmith, among others, isn't quite as thrilling, but with everything else here it doesn't need to be. (Universal)
Cam Lindsay