Reno 911!: Reno's Most Wanted

Likely released to complement the film version of Reno 911!, which tanked at the box office and will likely be on DVD by the time you read this, this is the great TV version of the Reno Sheriff’s Department and even if this is a cash grab of sorts you do get some of the better episodes and moments from the series in this collection. Most of these selections tend to have guests involved, such as Reading Ron trying his best to show the G-rated, competent version of Reno’s finest but never getting anything to work with. Paul Reubens makes an appearance as the pestering Rick from Citizen’s Patrol, as well there’s the overall insanity that transpires when Homeland Security swings by, but with the plots not as they initially seem. Apart from the episodes the DVD contains a cable-stealing musical performance by the cast at some MTV-related event. There’s a reel of ten great police calls that are definitely worth watching that move nice and quickly, such as that kid plummeting from the rooftop on his bike after Jonesy and Garcia egg him on to jump a ramp. There’s nothing here that you won’t find on the full season releases but if you’ve never seen the show this is a good place to start. (Paramount)