Redditors Are Still Convinced Sinbad Was in a '90s Genie Movie Called 'Shazaam'

Redditors Are Still Convinced Sinbad Was in a '90s Genie Movie Called 'Shazaam'
People love to remember pop culture from the '90s, and a handful of Reddit users have a favourite film. Called Shazaam, it starred comedian Sinbad as a wise-cracking genie in dangly hoop earrings and parachute pants. Unfortunately, the movie never existed.

The Sinbad/Shazaam debacle is the latest example of "the Mandela Effect," a term coined to describe collective false memories in pop culture. It's the exact same phenomenon that had us all debating whether the popular children's characters were called "The Berenstein Bears" or "The Berenstain Bears."

The confusion has been going on for over a year on various Reddit pages, with fans insisting that they're not merely getting confused with Shaq's genie comedy Kazaam. In fact, multiple Redditors claim Kazaam and Shazaam came out around the same time as "twin films" — not unlike the release of A Bug's Life and Antz.

Earlier this week, The New Statesmen posted a lengthy article about the Sinbad confusion, but it's done very little to dissuade those who are convinced that Shazaam is a real movie.

Commenting on the piece, Redditors are now freaking out about the notion that Shazaam isn't real. "I got incredibly sick to my stomach," one commenter said. "I need a stiff drink," said another. "This got me fucked up all over again," said a third.

Of course, Sinbad has refuted the genie movie multiple times, so it probably doesn't exist. Either that, or it's an elaborate cover-up because they don't want you to see the movie.

Watch a nine-minute conspiracy theory video about Shazaam below.