Red Dragon Brett Ratner

Red DragonBrett Ratner
Disregarding the debate over whether or not Manhunter actually needed to be remade, there's no doubt that Red Dragon the DVD has come laden with extras to seduce those on the nay side. While Hannibal sought to utilise Hannibal Lecter in an orgy of violence, they misread the fact that Lecter is most effective in limited doses. Red Dragon recognises this and reuses the basic foundation of Silence. In Red Dragon, Hopkins is again at his sadistic best as a caged Lecter, with Edward Norton as the semi-retired FBI agent who captured Lecter but is on the trail of a new psycho, the Tooth Fairy/Red Dragon (Ralph Fiennes) and seeks Lecter's help. Red Dragon's main problem is that Hopkins as Lecter is more engaging than its serial killer. However, Hopkins obviously loves to play Lecter, delivering each line of dialogue with relish and zeal, while Norton plays Agent Graham rather laconically, but with skill, and Fiennes gives all he can as the "second fiddle" big bad. However, Philip Seymour Hoffman steals all his scenes as a sleazy tabloid reporter. Red Dragon may not deliver the thrills of Silence, but it's better than the grandiose Hannibal. The two-disc version is stacked, featuring a documentary following director Ratner through the movie's creation, and a good commentary track with Ratner and Ted Tally. The FBI case file on Lecter is also an interesting little aside, filling in the blanks of Lecter's childhood, and interviewing an actual FBI profiler on the subject ups the ante. Extras: The Criminal Profile of Hannibal Lecter; The Life Story of Hannibal Lecter; Hannibal Lecter's FBI File; Anthony Hopkins as Hannibal Lecter; writer/director commentary; deleted scenes; DVD-Rom Features; A Director's Journey; Ratner's first student film; screen tests; make-up application; the Leeds' House crime scene. (Universal)