R.I.P. Former 'Survivor' Contestant Rudy Boesch

R.I.P. Former 'Survivor' Contestant Rudy Boesch
Former Survivor contestant Rudy Boesch has died. He was 91.
Boesch first appeared on Survivor's inaugural season, at the age of 72. An alliance with the eventual winner, Richard Hatch, landed Boesch a spot in the finale, where he finished in third place overall.
Beloved by fans, Boesch was brought back for Survivor All-Stars, where he was the second contestant voted off the island.
Outside of his Survivor fame, Boesch joined the U.S. Navy in 1945 and was a founding member of the Navy SEALs. He earned a bronze star in the Vietnam War and retired after 45 years of service.
In recent years, he battled Alzheimer's disease.
Read the social media tribute from his former reality TV co-star Hatch below.