Pulse Nightclub Shooting to Be Explored in New Documentary

Pulse Nightclub Shooting to Be Explored in New Documentary
It's been nearly a year since a deadly shooting took 49 lives and wounded 53 others at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Yesterday (May 31), 11 hours of bodycam footage was released from the scene of the attack. Now, a documentary about the killing is on the way.

The film is called One Pulse, and it will arrive via documentarian Charlie Minn. A former producer on America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back, Minn has directed 23 documentaries. One Pulse will look at what happened in the 192 minutes it took for police to take down the Orlando shooter.

The documentary will not mention the shooter by name, instead focusing on the victims and survivors while also taking a hard look at why police took so long to shut down the shooter.

"Police first exchanged gunfire with the shooter and then decided not to pursue him into the bathroom," Minn told Deadline. "That was the most critical decision of that night." Questions still remain about why police took so long to pursue the shooter.

"I was told during my interviews that some victims bled to death because it took 192 minutes," Minn added. "Mass shooters may feel more confident doing these things if they think that police and law enforcement will back off," said Minn."

Watch a trailer for One Pulse below. The film is currently seeking distribution.