The Proposal Anne Fletcher

The Proposal Anne Fletcher
While The Proposal probably won't receive any laudatory accolades from feminists, what with Sandra Bullock doing her best businesswoman as ball breaking frosty bitch routine, it will tickle pink the gaggles of gay men and requisite fag hags that absolutely love the spunky optimistic Bullock formula.

This movie not only knows what that audience wants but has it down to a science, which may cause some to dismiss it as mindless dreck, regardless of its infectious charm and playfully combatant interplay. That's right, The Proposal may be crap but it's extremely amusing and easily digested crap.

Sandra Bullock's latest canned cliché is Margaret Tate, a bullying, book-editing tyrant that doesn't suffer fools gladly. Of course, everyone hates her and secretly wishes her ill will, which is why she resorts to forcing her secretary Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) to marry her when she learns of potential deportation from the U.S. back to Canada, where wildlife is emblazoned on currency.

This eventually leads the bickering duo to Alaska where they must convince Andrew's family of their love to deter immigration officers from learning of the ruse. Enter Betty White and her trademark crudity, bizarre unlikelihoods and the occasional moment for the pair to catch each other's eye, as Margaret learns to lighten up.

Humour and romance switch hands like clockwork, as do conveniences, cute puppy dogs and partially nude lead actors. It's all calculated to get the appropriate laughter, shock and awe at the right times, knowing that movies like Miss Congeniality and Green Card succeeded for good reason.

For those who don't take the film or themselves that seriously, this exercise in genre filmmaking appears to be the perfect counter programming response to effects-laden entries like Transformers and recent guy flicks Pelham and The Hangover. Those that want to see this movie in the first place will surely not be disappointed. (Buena Vista)