The Prophecy Forsaken Joel Soisson

The Prophecy: Forsaken is a gloomy, gothic adventure that's a bit light on content but definitely worth renting for fans of the franchise. The plot picks up where The Prophecy: Uprising left off. Allison (Kari Wuhrer) has the all-important Lexicon, which angels from both heaven and hell are battling over. Filmed on location in Romania, there is plenty of stark, good-versus-evil imagery. Director Joel Soisson maintains an eerie tone for the entire 75 minutes. That's right, the film sneaks in at about the bare minimum for a feature. Apparently, Soisson wanted to make both Forsaken and Uprising as one film. While it might feel a little breezy for hardcore fans of the franchise wanting a substantial instalment, its short length prevents it from becoming stale, as there isn't much material to work with here. Kari Wuhrer is believable as Allison. Hopefully, viewers unfamiliar with the earlier Prophecy movies will grasp the situation she's in. One narrative flaw is the lack of background the audience is given. Those who haven't seen Uprising are expected to simply jump on board for the ride. At only 75 minutes you wonder why they didn't flesh it out with a few flashbacks from Uprising to fill in some of the blanks. Jason Scott Lee is great as a bounty hunter hired by agents of Satan. He protects Allison but isn't sure if he's on the good side or not; Lee looks like a bona fide action star. With a performance like this there's no reason he shouldn't be anchoring B-horror and action productions for years to come. Also, horror fans will enjoy Tony Todd as a super-bad angel from hell. The only extra on the DVD is a vaguely interesting commentary by Soisson. (Dimension)