Primer Shane Carruth

In just over 70 minutes, Primer manages to make your brain loop back on itself to such an extent that DVD seems the perfectly appropriate medium for this film; no single viewing will be enough to absorb its esoteric, time-twisting story of two semi-genius nerds who discover the secret to time travel. Sort of. But serious science enthusiasts might be disappointed to discover that the geekiness of director Shane Carruth — despite having written the idea-rich script and starring in the pivotal role of Aaron — concerns itself more with issues of celluloid than the space-time continuum. In other words, he's all film geek. That becomes quickly evident during his solo commentary on Primer; it's ironic that Carruth spends his time griping about his inability to record location sound when many Primer fans are turning to the special feature looking for answers about what the hell is going on in the film. No such help is to be found in the other commentary either, which features the various friends, family, co-workers and hangers-on Carruth roped into helping make this ultra-low budget, seat of the pants sci-fi flick. From having so little film stock that you can spot Carruth, as Aaron, saying "cut" under his breath, to the disastrously designed set pieces, to the seemingly futile search for Weebles, the focus of this DVD is getting the film made, not explaining what it turned out to be. For that, you'll have to unravel it yourself by watching the film again… and again… and… (MGM)