Petitioners Want a Wolverine Statue Erected in Fort McMurray

Petitioners Want a Wolverine Statue Erected in Fort McMurray
As Marvel Comics lore tells it, X-Men staple Wolverine was born in Northern Alberta during the late 1880s. In tribute, some fans have started a campaign to erect a statue of Canada's clawed anti-hero in the province.

Edmonton's Sam Singh and Brian LaBelle have started an Indiegogo fundraiser in hopes of erecting a life-size bronze statue of Wolverine in Fort McMurray, specifically along the city's Wolverine Drive.

"Fort McMurray experienced economic collapse in 2014 and then, in 2016 came 'The Beast': a massive wildfire that forced the evacuation of the entire city and became Canada's most expensive natural disaster," the campaign's web page reads. "The city could use some love from the rest of the province and the country!"

The campaign was inspired by the city of Detroit's plan to install a statue of their own fictional resident Robocop in 2018. Singh and LaBelle are looking to raise approximately $85,000 for the project for materials, design, labour, transportation and installation. Should they be unable to proceed with the project, the funds raised will be refunded or be put towards the preservation of actual wolverines in Northern Alberta.

"Alberta has a number of interesting landmarks including a giant Easter egg, beaver, baseball bat, pyrogy, a UFO landing pad and a replica Starship Enterprise," the page points out. "This project is another way to artistically and aesthetically contribute to the community and the province solely through private dollars."

Singh told the CBC that the statue plan is "kind of a goodwill gesture...the city has gone to hell and back, almost literally, with the fires and the collapse of the oilsands economy, so this is a chance to do something new, creative and unique for a community that could certainly use some help these days."

As of press time, the campaign has raised a total of $930 CAD. You can pore over the specifics here.