Pauly Shore Is Dead Pauly Shore

Everyone knows the Wiezl exploded out of obscurity in the early '90s with sometimes funny movies like Encino Man and Son-In-Law before falling off big time, buuuuuuddy. Well, Pauly Shore is back as the co-writer, director, producer and star of Pauly Shore Is Dead, the fictionalised autobiography of a down-and-out actor unable to get another job. To jump-start his flat-lining career, Pauly fakes his own death and has to deal with the consequences. He's helped by his guardian angel, Sam Kinison (portrayed very authentically by the body of Timmy Jamieson and the voice of Craig Gass), and an incarcerated Todd Bridges, and harassed by rising star Carrot Top. The last two make great appearances playing slightly skewed versions of themselves. In fact, many has-beens and current stars of television, film and music are willing to step up and poke fun at themselves. For Gerardo (of "Rico Suave" fame), it's selling oranges on the side of the street with his son, and for Corey Feldman, it's selling drugs in an alleyway. Tom Sizemore and Michael Madsen have a case of mistaken identity. And then there are the faux interviews that are broadcast on television news programs during key changes in public opinion regarding Pauly Shore. These include appearances from stars like Chris Rock, Whoopi Goldberg, Perry Farrell and Andy Dick, the last making a "sick" accusation against Pauly Shore, which is topped only by his pill story in the deleted scenes. Of the other deleted scenes, the only other really good one is the kitchen party scene with Screech that was later replaced with Tom Sizemore. The "making of" featurette and commentary by Pauly Shore give a lot of lessons in what persistence can accomplish, as well as handing out a lot of compliments, some backhanded. Pauly Shore Is Dead is a very funny DVD, but Pauly owes a big debt of gratitude to his many guests for that. Plus: "Interrogating the Wiez" Q&A session with Pauly Shore, host wraps by Eminem and Proof, deleted scenes hosted by Pauly Shore, the Hilton Sisters and Charlie Sheen, and an Aaron Lewis/Staind song parody. (Fox)