Packaged Goods: The Art of the Edit

Packaged Goods: The Art of the Edit
Love them or hate them, commercials are a major part of today's pop culture scene. No longer bland 30 second advertisements on television, they can occasionally come in the form of four-minute long short films featuring elaborate narratives and special effects, all to promote a specific product or service.

TIFF's latest Packaged Goods program centers on The Art of the Edit, gauging some of the most innovative TV spots from around the world. They've paired up with the Association of Independent Creative Editors (AICE) — with support from the Commercial Production Association of Toronto (CPAT), Cinesys-Oceana, john st., and Blammo Worldwide — to showcase award-winning commercial editing, with highlights of the program coming from this year's AICE Award winners.

Curated by Rae Ann Fera, viewers will be hard-pressed to grow bored while viewing this delightfully paced and highly captivating program. One thing you'll notice is how many automobile commercials are featured, yet their content is anything but similar. From a retelling of Moby Dick and a rousing voice-over from Clint Eastwood, to a high-energy music video that quite possibly will leave your eyes bedazzled, it's incredible how diverse the advertising industry is when they're trying to sell you a car.

Benetton's commercial for their "Unhate" campaign is a beautifully crafted short film that goes well beyond their product line, as does the Adidas "Tomorrow Starts Today" spot that is shown entirely in reverse to highlight one athlete's journey from their big win, back through all of the moments that made their victory possible. Google teams up with Lady Gaga to show the power of their Internet browser and how it can bring fans from all over the world together. And let us not forget about our feline friends as they make a few appearances in some rather hilarious commercials, specifically the Cravendale milk spot which poses the question, "What if cats had thumbs?"

Finishing off this Packaged Goods program will be a conversation between Fera and Chris Franklin, one of the industry's leading editors, and the owner/editor of New York's Big Sky Edit. Anyone with a remote interest in this genre will undoubtedly find the post-screening discussion the highlight of the night.

Packaged Goods: The Art of the Edit screens one night only at the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto, August 22 at 7:00pm.