Open Water 2: Adrift Hans Horn

First things first: this is not a sequel to the extremely successful 2004 film. Even money-grubbing executives couldn’t dream up a way to keep that bloodline going. And secondly, Adrift isn’t the terrible, blatantly parasitic cash-in you’d expect. Obviously the goal with this follow-up was to use the name for some clout but in its defence, it’s not as if the words "open water” don’t apply in this case. The film takes place aboard a yacht, where friends go out to sea to celebrate a birthday and have some fun. As most people tend to do in the water they go swimming, but when the party-hard Dan (Grey’s Anatomy’s Eric Dane) grabs the hydrophobic Amy and jumps in the water they quickly realise that — uh oh — nobody lowered the ladder. Thus we have a situation where six adults are treading water next to a giant, impractical yacht that’s impossible to climb. From there, things get worse; they try all sorts of flawed ideas yet nothing quite works. Oh, and did I mention there’s also a baby on board to complicate matters further? Like the first Open Water, Adrift is based on true events and really, nothing here is implausible — some lame brain forgot to lower their only way of getting back onto the vessel. Tempers flair, desperation and paranoia set in and lives are in peril. Though you could consider this a spoiler, it is important to point out that there are no sharks in this film. The danger is the water itself and the struggle to survive out in the middle of nowhere. By comparison, it’s not nearly as terrifying as the unseen menace of giant, hungry fish with big teeth but the actions that unfold are filled with human errors that could happen to anybody, which is the film’s real pull. A standard "making of” featurette follows and does the rounds with "behind the scenes” interviews and explanations. (Maple)