One Million Moms Boycott 'The Muppets' for Adult Humour

One Million Moms Boycott 'The Muppets' for Adult Humour
This week, another TV show about having relations with pigs will hit the airwaves with the arrival of ABC's new mockumentary The Muppets. The show is said to take an irreverent tone in the vein of 30 Rock, and that has already pissed off the advocacy group One Million Moms.

The group posted a fear-mongering letter on their website [via /Film] warning that the show's "adult" themes will result in "a lot of shocked moms and dads."

"It appears that no subject is off limits," the group wrote, adding, "The new show is aimed at a mature, modern audience and addresses subjects no suitable for family viewing."

Kermit the Frog recently joked that the show would feature "full frontal nudity" from its many Muppets, a fact that the Moms are willing to conceded. "Technically, the advertisement is correct – seeing how Kermit doesn't wear pants," they write.

However, they are a little worried that Miss Piggy recently told MSNBC that she's a feminist. "The puppet characters loved by kids in the 1970s and 1980s and beyond are now weighing in on abortion and promiscuity," they wrote.

"Many parents unknowingly will let their children watch an episode only to find out its perverted nature too late, unless they are alerted ahead of time," the moms continued.

While we highly doubt the show will be the fucked-up puppet orgy promised by these One Million Moms, their open letter has us even more excited to watch it when it premieres tomorrow night (September 22) on ABC.