Old School Todd Phillips

Old SchoolTodd Phillips
Back in the day before Adam Sandler became a superstar, he pumped out a couple brilliant comedies that were savaged by clueless critics that just didn't see what was so funny about drunkenly hallucinating penguins and kicking the shit out of Bob Barker. Sandler may suck now, but his legacy is a renaissance in brilliant yet retarded low-budget comedies. Joining the illustrious ranks is Old School, the latest from Road Trip director Todd Phillips. The premise of three 30ish friends that avoid growing up by starting a fraternity is reason enough to see this picture, but the stars go above and beyond. Vince Vaughn plays a note-perfect sleazy salesman/ringleader, who also happens to be the only one happily married with kids; Luke Wilson plays the straight-man, while Will Ferrell is the recently separated, not quite reformed party animal Frank the Tank. The plot involves an Animal House-style battle against an uptight dean, Wilson gets a dull romantic subplot, Snoop Dogg gets a great cameo and there's K-Y wrestling and plenty of gratuitous titties. But what makes this flick endlessly re-watchable is Ferrell's complete lack of shame and refusal to break character. Whether he's downing beer bongs, streaking solo to the quad or singing "Dust in the Wind" straight-faced at a funeral, Ferrell carries the film on his flabby, naked butt cheeks. Better yet, the DVD actually delivers on special features, with a funny commentary revealing the film to be a comedic version of Fight Club, while pointing out the many adlibs, Wilson's numerous haircuts and how Ferrell, not surprisingly, refused to wear the "cock sock" during his naked scenes. As well, there's some outtakes, deleted scenes and bloopers, plus a promotional "making of" documentary and a 20-minute Inside the Actor's Studio spoof, with Ferrell reviving his Saturday Night Live impersonation of pompous host James Lipton. Extras: commentary; deleted scenes; making of; Inside The Actors Studio spoof; more. (Universal)