Oh! Canada: Canadian Comedy Shorts

Oh! Canada: Canadian Comedy Shorts
Strangely, it isn't much of a compliment to point out to a filmmaker that their film seemed, well, Canadian, as there's a certain staginess associated with that particular aesthetic. This is unfortunately the problem with almost all of these shorts, as they are not only forced and a little awkward but they are not even remotely funny. There are a couple within that offer minor amusements but on the whole, this is a pretty weak collection.

Opening the program is "The Green Film," where a filmmaker attempts to make an environmentally friendly movie, which, of course is pretty much impossible. The absurdity of the situation is played well but is more funny "neat" than funny "ha ha." "Walk the Dog," on the other hand, may make a few people laugh, as a woman picks up her boyfriend's poop in a park while he insults her. The moral of the story here is that cats are homosexual.

"P.M.O." is one of those lame sketches about the absurdity of the Canadian government. It even features actors often associated with that sort of thing. The Corner Gas crowd may get a kick out of this one. It is, however, more amusing than "Robots," which is about factory worker robots that fall in love. It's funny because they're robots.

On the more humorous side of things is "Catalog," wherein a '70s catalogue is explored, commented on and compared with modern trends. It should provide a giggle or two, even if "Deadspiel" doesn't. You'd think a short film about zombies in a curling tournament would be riveting but no.

It seems that "Robots" isn't the only Second City entry into this program, as "Heroes" offers up more workplace antics, in the form of manager resentment. There's a good use of trajectory gags, which is at least something. Either way, it's light years better than "Air Knob," which is about neighbours that have an air guitar competition. Want to know what the opposite of funny is? It's people playing air guitar.

"Captain Coulier," on the other hand, should make most folks laugh. It's about a depressed star ship captain looking for love in the cosmos. This short screens in the Sci-Fi program as well. Also amusing is "The Catsitter," wherein a man leaves his cat with his irresponsible tenant when he runs off to Timmins to meet a woman from the internet.