Northwest Passage Trailer

Northwest Passage Trailer
David Lynch is back on track with Showtime's forthcoming third season of Twin Peaks, but that's not the only Laura Palmer-obsessed media on the way. If all goes well, we'll also get a new documentary called Northwest Passage.

Directed by Adam Baran, Northwest Passage tells the true story of Travis Blue, a Washington man who visited the set of the first episode of Twin Peaks as a teenager. From there, he soon became obsessed with Laura Palmer, eventually modelling his life after her. This included rampant drug abuse and prostitution.

The film is being executive produced by Tarnation's Jonathan Caouette along with the people who brought us Room 237. As the trailer suggests, it's going to be an incredibly moving look at how Twin Peaks affected on young man in ways both good and terrible.

Watch the trailer for Northwest Passage below, and if you feel up to it you can support the film on Kickstarter.

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