Night of the Living Dorks Mathias Dinter

I know what you’re thinking and yes, this movie is as awesome as it sounds. How could it not be? Taking the groundwork set out over the years by the rise of the socially trampled in Revenge of the Nerds and the struggle to freely walk the earth as the undead in Night of the Living Dead, this little German gem of a b-movie (natively referred to as Nacht der lebenden Loser, Die) gives hope to all of the harebrained screenplays out there that are being typed as we speak. Philip, Konrad and Weener are three dorks at Frederich Nietzsche High prone to being bullied who cannot get laid to save their lives. However, when Philip’s goth-y next-door neighbour Rebecca and her black-clad clique unleash a spell that can raise the dead, things become a little too real when the three dorks find themselves walking away from a fatal car accident with only some paler complexions and a taste for raw meat. Realising they’re zombies, the trio begin to take advantage of the newfound benefits, withstanding pain and overcoming their tormentors in gym class, and approaching the hot girls without any worries. (Yes, "zombie-ism” can boost your confidence!) But being undead isn’t all it’s cracked up to be; Konrad develops an unhealthy taste for revenge and human flesh, and seeks out those who’ve made his lengthy shit list. Meanwhile, Philip has to resort to fixing his dis"member”ment with a stapler in order to nail the hottie that has always rejected him. Yes, there is the matter of decomposition, which they discover sets in after a certain point, and they race to find an antidote with Rebecca’s help. Consistently funny and great looking for a low budget flick, the only real flaw comes from some poor English dubbing, which is as ghastly as the scene where one of the zombie’s giblets falls off during some heavy petting. But that’s nothing the optional subtitles can’t handle. Plus: "behind the scenes,” deleted scenes, lame alternate ending. (Anchor Bay)