Netflix Saves Kids from Watching 150 Hours of Ads Per Year

Netflix Saves Kids from Watching 150 Hours of Ads Per Year
Here's yet another reason to thank the pop culture gods for your Netflix subscription: it's saving your kids from watching hours upon hours of TV commercials.

Engadget points to a new study from Exstreamist which points out that the pay service is saving children from an obscene amount of commercials.

Every year, the amount of ad time allotted per hour of television increases, meaning your kids are exposed to more and more advertising and less of the sweet children's programming they so desperately crave. By switching to services like Netflix, they're skipping 150 hours of commercials per year.

The study is fairly straightforward, pointing out that the average child spends approximately 1.8 hours a day watching a streaming service like Netflix. Over the course of a year, that adds up to around 650 hours. If they had been watching regular television, 150 of those would be allocated to ads.

It's likely good news for the mental well-being of our children. That said, it's sad to think of a generation that will grow up without the Cool Tools jingle.